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Melbourne eHealth and HL7 Courses/Workshops

Build your knowledge, enhance your skills and gain competencies in our focused and cost-effective Seminars, Workshops and Courses in Melbourne.  The average satisfaction feedback score from over 500 participants in our training over the last two years is 4.6 out of 5.  Many report that they were immediately able to use what they had learnt in current duties and projects.  Please review the content of our popular Melbourne Seminars, Workshops and Courses below to see which will give you the skills and competencies you need.

HL7 Education Course Certificate

Our Workshops and Courses are held in conveniently located Melbourne CBD training facilities.  We teach in small groups that allow our trainers to focus on the background and interests of each participant.  Your current work projects may be incorporated into our hands-on exercises - you can apply what you have learnt at your workplace the very next day!  All meals, handouts and training materials are included.

On completion of a Course or Workshop, you will be provided with a Certificate of Achievement and access to advanced reading materials, tools and links on our Resources, Tools & URLs web pages.  You will also be eligible to join one of our dedicated and exclusive 'Course Alumni' discussion e-mail lists and put questions to the presenter and/or our other trainers and experts!

If you have any questions, please call us on 1300 337 164 or e-mail us at .

2016 eHealth and HL7 Seminars, Courses & Workshops in Melbourne

  Our September Training Week in Melbourne was a huge success with two sold-out sessions!  We also celebrated
  our 500th participant in the last two years!

  Our most recent training program in Melbourne was 30 Nov. - 24 Dec. 2015.

  Our next training program in Melbourne will be in late 2016.

 Monday/Tuesday, 24&25 Oct. 2016, 9am - 5pm

HL7 V2.x

'Implementing HL7 V2.x' - 2 days of Intensive HL7 Implementation Training

This 2-day Intensive Implementation Training Course is ideal for interface analysts, programmers, specification writers and implementation engineers.  You will learn the skills required for the analysis, development, testing, problem solving and commissioning of successful HL7 messaging interfaces for ADT, Pathology, Medications, Scheduling, etc.  You will practice these skills in small teams with hands-on Message-Building Case Studies.  After completing this Course, you will be able to confidently implement V2.x message design, trigger concepts, message formatting rules, data types, original/enhanced acknowledgement rules as well as manage identifiers and table translation issues.  In this Intensive Course we will:
● Explore the main e-Health standards, their scope, organisations and the HL7 standards methodology
● Learn scope, structure and content of the HL7 V2.x, CDA, V3 and FHIR standards
● Work through multiple Interface messaging examples for ADT, Pathology, Medications, Scheduling, etc.
● Groupwork 1: Create a HL7 V2.x message exchange for a pathology application
● HL7 V2.x messaging hints, typical pitfalls and 'gotchas'
● Groupwork 2: Create a HL7 V2.x message exchange provided by participants

Download the detailed HL7 Implementers Course Brochure
eHealth Education Online Payment
Fee: A$1450 incl. GST

Special Offer:
Do the 2-day Implementation Course and get the Certification to prove it!
eHealth Education Online Payment
Fee: A$1995 incl. GST

Instructor: Klaus Veil  FHL7  FACHI

Klaus has implemented HL7 systems and interfaces since the early 1990's.  He is certified to HL7 V2.7, V2.6, V2.5 & V2.4.  His HL7 consultancy has assisted nearly every jurisdiction and most eHealth companies in Australasia!

Klaus is the first HL7 Fellow in the southern hemisphere.

Venue: Collins St. Business Centre, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne - conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.  Location Map

 Wednesday, 26 Oct. 2016, 9am - 3:30pm

HL7 Certification HL7 Boot Camp

HL7 International Certification Exam Preparation Boot Camp

In our infamous 6-hour 'Boot Camp', we prepare candidates for the HL7 International V2.7 Analyst Certification Exam.  Fast-paced, intense and exercise-based, we drill the candidates with real exam papers, plug any knowledge gaps and coach them to successfully pass the Exam.  Participants will leave the 'Boot Camp' ready to submit themselves to the rigorous V2.7 Certification Exam.  Ideal for participants of our 'HL7 V2.x Intensive Message Implementation' Course as well as experienced HL7 users.  Successful Exam candidates will get a HL7 International Analyst Certificate and are listed in a global register.  Our candidates have a >80% pass rate.  Your Boot Camp 'Drill Sergeant' will:
● Brief you on the format and content of the HL7 V2.7 Certification Exam
● Coach you through the not commonly known topics and pitfalls of the Exam
● Test your HL7 knowledge with real HL7 International V2.7 Exam papers
● Review your Trial Exam results and fill in any knowledge gaps

So roll up your sleeves, get busy and download the detailed 'Boot Camp' drill plan!
eHealth Education Online Payment
A$695 incl. GST

Note: The Exam is held separately by HL7 International, who will invoice you direct for the Certification Exam Fee.

"Drill Sergeant": Klaus Veil  FHL7  FACHI

HL7 Fellow Klaus Veil has taught HL7 systems implementation for over 15 years.  His HL7 consultancy focuses on correct and compliant implementation of the HL7 standards.  He was the co-founder of AHML, the globally first HL7 V2.x Message Certification facility.

Klaus is certified to HL7 V2.7, V2.6, V2.5 & V2.4 and is the first HL7 Fellow in the southern hemisphere.  The pass-rate of his exam candidates is >80%!

Venue: Collins St. Business Centre, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne - conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.  Location Map

 If you need urgent training or the above dates don't suit you, here are alternative locations and dates:
  ● Sydney: 2016
  ● Hobart: 2016
  ● Melbourne: late 2016
  ● Brisbane: late 2016
  ● Kuala Lumpur: (in planning)
  ● Singapore: (in planning)
  ● Darwin: (in planning)
  ● Perth: (in planning)
  ● Auckland: (in planning)
  ● Canberra: (in planning)
  ● Adelaide: (in planning)


HL7 Online Course

'HL7 Fundamentals' - The HL7 International On-Line Course

The online format is flexible and especially suits those who prefer to study at home in their own time.  The 'HL7 Fundamentals' Course uses 'blended learning' to create an interesting and lively learning experience.  Reading and study is combined with online activities such as exercises, quizzes and group discussions. 

HL7 International runs regular eLearning Courses for people wanting to study HL7 V2.x, FHIR, CDA and V3 by online distance education.  See the Course Activities and Course Outcomes below.

Prerequisites: None!  All you require is access to a PC with an internet connection for 4 hours every week.

Course Activities:
During the On-Line Course we will:
● Read the focussed teaching materials
● Study the bibliographic reference material
● Participate in discussion forums
● Explore and study the Glossary
● Do supervised integration exercises
● Complete self-evaluation quizzes
● Evaluate our progress after each module
Course Outcomes:
After successfully completing the Course, you will be able to:
● Appreciate the challenges of connecting disparate healthcare information systems
● Confront disjointed healthcare information systems and interconnect them
● Read and understand the most widely used HL7 standards
● Understand the need for controlled vocabularies, master files & entity registries
● Read and write HL7 V2.x messages
● Read and write HL7 CDA® R2 documents
● Read and write HL7 V3 messages

Download the detailed 'HL7 Fundamentals' On-Line Course Brochure                 Tutored by our team of local HL7 Experts!

Registration and Payment

eHealth & HL7 Education Partners welcome on-line Course registrations.  Use the 'Book Your Workshop Now' buttons above to register and pay online.  You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, a bank account or a PayPal account.  Our online registration and payment system will automatically e-mail you a Tax Invoice/Receipt.  If you have any problems with your registration or you need an invoice, please call us on 1300 337 164 or e-mail us at If your circumstances change, no problem.  We can transfer your registration to a colleague, issue a credit or refund your registration fee.

Note: 5%-40% Discounts available for two or more bookings or participants!  Please call us on 1300 337 164 for details.

General Seminar/Workshop/Course Payment

eHealth Education Online Payment
You can pay with Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, a bank account or a PayPal account.  Click the "Make a Payment" button, then enter the amount in "Item price" box on the next page and click "Update".

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