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Health Level 7 FHIR© Puns

HL7 FHIR - the Hottest Standard

The name of new HL7 FHIR Standard (pronounced "Fire") has led to a large number of jokes and puns.  Initially created by 'FHIR Chief' Grahame Grieve, FHIR is Health Level 7's next-generation interoperability standard. A paradigm-shift in eHealth Interoperability Standards, it has taken healthcare interoperability mainstream.  This new approach has been highly successful - after less than 2.5 years of development, the first interim standard ("DSTU1") was published in February 2014 and there are already over 70 implementations in 20 countries!  The 2nd interim standard ("DSTU2") was published on 23 September 2015.  More info at FHIR.org.  Remember, FHIR is for Implementers and FHIR is about Making it Work!

'FHIRman' Ewout Kramer tells a few FHIR Jokes

An Eclectic Collection of HL7 FHIR Puns ... 'Puns on FHIR'

The 'Fresh Look' that started it All...

Ed Hammond: Setting the World on FHIR

Grahame Grieve, the FHIR Chief

The FHIR Train Leaves the Station

Hay on FHIR

The FHIRplace

FHIR-fighters = people who don't like the new HL7 Standard

The FHIR Logs - Conversations on Skype

The FHIR is Catching On

Challenges to Interoperability that FHIR can Extinguish

#BlueButton + #FHIR = #BBonFHIR!

HAPI playing with FHIR

Burning V2 with FHIR in Mumbai

Why FHIR will burn CDA


Starting a FHIR under HL7

Time to kindle the FHIR

Let's call it a FHIRabend (a homophone to 'Feierabend' meaning ... in German)

HAPI Holidays / Frohe FHIRtage (a homophone to 'Feiertage' meaning holiday in German)


Setting the Campus on FHIR

FHIR Starter

SMART on FHIR - a Smoking Hot Topic!

Setting Healthcare Interop(erability) on FHIR

HealthConnex on FHIR in the Wild ...

The HL7 Games Catching FHIR

Answers on FHIR

Squirrels on FHIR

Me, I'm on FHIR

FHIR in the Wild

FHIR in Paris

The 2015 FHIR-Chiefs Calendar

Chicago FHIR Update

Clinicians on FHIR

Feuding vendors join forces to make FHIR

FHIR: Friday on Fire!

HL7 Austria is Catching FHIR!

Heisser Herbst mit FHIR (Hot Autumn with FHIR)

A Whirlwind on FHIR

JSON and The Argonauts on FHIR

FHIR in China

Lady Gaga's HL7 Interface - by NueSoft

FHIR in the Elevator

FHIR: Do Standards have a Sense of Humor?

BizTalk on FHIR

The Rise of the FHIR Phoenix

Funny ICD9 and ICD10 Codes

Apple on FHIR

Health Informatics on FHIR

The FHIR is Hot in Chile

Total FHIR Ban in Victoria, Australia!

Medicare Tool on FHIR

Is US Federal Health on FHIR?

FHIR Helpers

Epic FHIRworks

A Beginner's FHIR Q&A

Ready to take the Firebridge to DICOM?

Irish Interoperability Projects - FHIReland

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Evaluating and Implementing HL7 FHIR© - Fast-Track Course

HL7 FHIRFHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) - HL7 International's next-generation interoperability standard - represents a paradigm shift in connecting computer systems in healthcare.  In a refreshing break from current 'insider technology and tooling' only found in healthcare, FHIR harnesses ubiquitous ICT technologies to make eHealth systems interoperability amazingly simple!  XML, HTTP, REST, JSON, openID, OAuth2 and other popular methods found in every-day systems such as Web Browsers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. form the basis of this exciting new approach.

In little over two years, HL7 FHIR has gone from concept to a published working standard with implementations by over 70 organisations in 20 countries.  In this Fast-Track Course you will be introduced to the FHIR specifications, learn how to evaluate FHIR for your organisation and experience hands-on how simple implementing FHIR is. 
In this Fast-Track Course we will:

● Establish why HL7 FHIR is so different ...
● Explore the underlying technologies: REST, XML, JSON, OAuth etc.
● Learn how to read the FHIR specification
● Create HL7 FHIR Transactions

Download the detailed FHIR Fast-Track Course Brochure
eHealth Education Online Payment
Fee: A$850 incl. GST

Trainer: Brett Esler BE BSc

For over a decade Brett has been involved with health information solutions, products and standards development.  He has delivered HL7 integration solutions in the GP, Pharmacy, Aged Care and Hospital industries.  He is also active in standards development and consulting for Standards Australia, HL7 Australia/International and NEHTA.  Brett is a HL7 Australia board member and MSIA representative for the OPTIMUS (RACGP collaboration) project.

Brett is the founder and principal consultant of health informatics solutions and products provider Oridashi who participates in FHIR Connectathons with their FHIR servers and interfaces.

 Our HL7 FHIR Seminars, Workshops and Courses are held at the following dates and locations:

  ● Sydney: 2016
  ● Hobart: 2016
  ● Melbourne: late 2016
  ● Brisbane: late 2016
  ● Kuala Lumpur: (in planning)
  ● Singapore: (in planning)
  ● Darwin: (in planning)
  ● Perth: (in planning)
  ● Auckland: (in planning)
  ● Canberra: (in planning)
  ● Adelaide: (in planning)

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